18 de julho de 2006

Yevgeny Yevtushenko (1933)

Being Late

Something dangerous
is beginning:
am coming late
to my own self.
I made an appointment
with my thoughts--
the thoughts
were snatched
from me.
I made an appointment
with Faulkner--
but they made me
go to a banquet.
I made an appointment
with history,
but a grass-widow
dragged me into bed.
than barbed wire
are birthday parties,
mine and others',
and roasted suckling pigs
hold me
like a sprig of parsley
between their teeth!
Led away for good
to a life absolutely not my own,
everything that I eat,
eats me,
everything that I drink,
drinks me.
I made an appointment
with myself,
but they invite me
to feast on my own spareribs.
I am garlanded
from all sides
not by strings of bagels,
but by the holes of bagels,
and I look like
an anthology
of zeros.
Life gets broken
into hundreds of lifelets,
that exhaust
and execute me.
In order
to get through to myself
I had to smash my body
against others',
and my fragments,
my smithereens,
are trampled
by the roaring crowd.
I am trying
to glue myself together,
but my arms
are still severed.
I'd write
with my left leg,
but both the left
and the right
have run off,
in different directions.
I don't know--
where is my body?
And soul?
Did it really fly off,
without a murmured
How do I break through
to a faraway namesake,
waiting for me
in the cold somewhere?
I've forgotten
under which clock
I am waiting
for myself.
For those who don't know
who they are,
does not exist.
No one is
under the clock.
On the clock
there is nothing.
I am late for my appointment
with me.
There is no one.
Nothing but cigarette butts.
Only one flicker--
a lonely,

Yevgeny Yevtushenko
(Tradução inglesa de Albert C. Todd)

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