15 de janeiro de 2006

Ossip Mandelstam (1891-1938)


She has not yet been born:
she is music and word,
and therefore the untorn,
fabric of what is stirred.

Silent the ocean breathes.
Madly day’s glitter roams.
Spray of pale lilac foams,
in a bowl of grey-blue leaves.

May my lips rehearse
the primordial silence,
like a note of crystal clearness,
sounding, pure from birth!

Stay as foam Aphrodite – Art –
and return, Word, where music begins:
and, fused with life’s origins,
be ashamed heart, of heart!

Ossip Mandelstam


2 comentários:

Mito disse...

Um verdadeiro oficiante da deusa poesia, este sacerdote das palavras. Good choice!

João Villalobos disse...

Excelente poema. Lindíssimo! E obrigado pela descoberta do autor.